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Ecommerce and Transactions in China’s B2b Market

The global sourcing and multinational companies are recognizing the efforts being made to consolidate Chinese b2b market, a big step that helps bring to forth legitimate and serious companies. Chinese banks are reorienting themselves to further augment ecommerce payment processing, a long term demand of global sourcing companies engaged in multinational purchasing, especially from China. Once this is in place, much of offline b2b market payments will remain online. Even the larger deals by the global sourcing multinational purchasing companies can complete end-end online without having to go offline for any reason whatsoever. Olympic Games in year 2008 are expected to give a boost to global sourcing and multinational purchasing.

Ecommerce for business activities has been taken lightly by those new entrants that take online market for granted conveniently forgetting the hard work and sweat put-in by the likes of global sourcing and multinational purchasing companies. Although it is rather simpler to draw mileage over online market one should be cognizant of both advantages and disadvantages of it. All the empires in online market or trading houses and global sourcing & multinational purchasing are carrying transactions through ecommerce.

In return, suppliers online have facilities to monitor their accounts and can view and download information about which global sourcing agents and multinational purchasing companies viewed visited their profile besides hits and long lists. On the commercial side, suppliers’ online can set minimum contract values they are interested in which enables targeting prospective multinational purchasing companies more effectively.

Most online suppliers are brokers that pass on orders from global sourcing agencies to traditional suppliers barring a few cases where manufacturers are present.

As for global sourcing in a typical international b2b market, multinational purchasing managers need to occupy firmer positions with regards to compromises, both on cost factor and quality related regulations as everything needs to comply with governmental policies and international treaties and sanctions of WTO. You can choose to sell certain products or have a wide variety of products to sell. Selling wholesale cell phones and accessories from China will also increase your income because these products are in demand. Everyone wants a cell phone and you can offer them to each one of your customers in a wide variety of style, models and color at near wholesale prices and this cell phone reaches an end consumer via a long chain which could involved activities such as global sourcing, multinational purchasing and e-commerce done via the platform of b2b market places and so forth.

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